How To Use The Dispensary

Ordering Classic Formulas

Classic (standard) formulas are available in three formats

  1. Granules (aka powder) to mix in water as tea.
  2. Encapsulated granules, requiring the practitioner to order a 55g bottle of granules and the encapsulation item (in units of 100). Each capsule contains approximately 550 mg, therefore 55 g fits into 100 capsules.
  3. A box of 20 single dose sachets. These sachets contain a single serving of herbal pellets equivalent to approximately 3 g of powder. The sachets are easy to carry around, and the pellets are easy to swallow.

Modifications or Creating Patient-Specific Formulas

  1. Start with a Classic formula and modify by adding individual herbs. For example, adding Blood Moving herbs to Peony & Buplerum (Xiao Yao San ).
    • 35 g Peony & Buplerum (Xiao Yao San)
    • 10 g Safflower (Hong Hua)
    • 10 g Persica (Tao Ren)
    • Total is 55 grams, which can then be encapsulated. If capsules are not required the total weight can be any amount rather than 55 grams.
  2. Completely create a custom formulation from individual herbs.

For further details download our PDF instruction on Creating Herb Prescriptions