Herbal dispensary for existing practitioners and members

TCM Doctor or Acupuncturist with experience making formulas

Option 1. If you are a an experienced TCM Doctor or Acupuncturist who has been utilizing Chinese herbology for some time, and are accustomed to making formulations, you can simply apply for an account with us. Once a user name and password is assigned to you, it is simply a matter of logging into the practitioner area of the website and using the interactive herb menu, with over 200 individual herbs, to build your formulations. The cost of the formula is instantly calculated so a markup value can be determined by the practitioner. The formula can then be picked up at our office or mailed out to the patient or your office. In the event of pick up at our office by your patient, Eastern Botanicals bills you directly, so the pick up is hassle free for the client.

Body Responsive assessment makes herb formulas simple and cost effective

Option 2. If you are a practitioner whose primary focus has been acupuncture with very little experience in Herbology, or you have recently graduated from and Acupuncture/Oriental Medicine program and are looking for a simple, cost effective way of incorporating herbology, you might be interested in learning our Body Responsive method of assessment for herbals. The Body Responsive method employs muscle testing techniques to indicate precisely which herbals resonate with a patient's body for a given condition. Practitioners are provided with Test Kits consisting of small vials of individual herbals, which are used for Body Responsive muscle testing. The herbal formulation is constructed by selecting herbs suited to the differential diagnosis, testing the patients responsiveness, and refining the formula by using only those herbs that test strong. For a more detailed explanation and rationalization of this method please read this article.