Herb Dispensary Advantages

Advantages for Patients

Concentrated herb granules provide safety and convenience

The herbs in our dispensary are all concentrated resolvable granules manufactured by Dasherb, a joint Chinese-German manufacturer, or Guandong Efong. All products are third party tested and GMP certified for purity and strength. By using herbs in this convenient format your patients can simply add water to each dosage, and be free of the time-consuming boiling process. The simplicity in preparation also delivers a more consistent dosage strength throughout the treatment period. Patient compliance with frequency schedules (two or three times/day) can be furthered by encapsulating the granules, or by using the individually dosage sachets. In some instances where large dosages are most effective it is advisable to encourage patients to drink tea, as the large number of capsules at an equivalent dose to powder can be prohbitive.

For safety, practitoner specified instructions concerning dosage and frequency can be custom labeled on each patient's bottle along with their name.

Advantages for Practitioners

Modify and create formulas without the overhead of stocking herbs

It is often the case that a patient's diagnosis and differentiation does not correspond to any one TCM pattern; and therefore does not fit a classic formula. This leaves the practitioner with limited choices if they can't access a dispensary to create modified formulas. Eastern Botanicals dispensary offers a simple and efficient solution. Practitioners can instantly access a Chinese herbal dispensary online, and avoid investing time and money in maintaining their own stock of hundreds of individual herbs. The practitioners area of the website allows practitioners to create their own formulas, see the cost of that formula, specify pick up or mail-out details, and send the order, all within minutes.

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