Chinese Herbal Medicine Dispensary - Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Eastern Botanicals herbal dispensary, located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, strives to make Chinese herbology accessible and user friendly to Acupuncturists and Chinese Herbalists. Our online dispensary service allows practitioners to access three types of herbal formulations.

  1. A selection of Classic formulas that come in single dose sachets (containing small pills). Each box contains 20 sachets (therefore 20 doses or about 10 days of herbs). These products are very convenient, fit easily into your pocket or purse, and quite affordable ($8-15 box)
  2. Classic formulas in granules to drink as a tea, or encapsulate. These standard formulas are easy to modify with the inclusion of a few extra individual herbs.
  3. Patient-specific formulations that are custom made by the practitioner with individual herbs. These can be in granules for tea or encapsulated as well.

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Herbal Formula Dispensary